1. Building the Theme for BipolarLife.net

    Hi Lovelies, it is nice to speak with you again. For some reason, out of the blue, I decided to design a new theme for one of my websites. The Web Dev Bootcamp is inspiring. I wanted to try out some new techniques. I wanted to do a little bit of JavaScript and try it out using Flexbox. […]

  2. A Thing That I Learned about JavaScript

    I follow a lot of people on YouTube now who do videos on dev related things. This video surprised me this week. I didn’t know you can treat functions as objects. This video describes it very well. This is probably well-known to people who know JavaScript well. For a beginner like me, this is brand new.

  3. Join Me In this Web Development Course Taught by @jesslynnrose and @freeCodeCamp

    I first found out about Free Code Camp from Techtonica. One of the requirements was to complete their first 100 or so JavaScript exercises. Since then, I’ve been receiving their newsletter and was excited that a free bootcamp was being run to complete the Web Development Certificate. I will admit up front, I probably don’t need this course as […]

  4. Open Graph Tags for WordPress header.php

    This is a quick blog to share this code for Open Graph, Twitter Cards, and Rich Pins. You can add this to header.php above the </head> tag to add them to your website for beautiful social media updates.