Customizing the Astro Modern Personal Website Theme

Customizing the Astro Modern Personal Website Theme



Added customization to the Astro Modern Personal Website by Manuel Ernesto. Updated Daisy UI to use custom brand colors. I also changed the responsive nav background color on mobile to match the color of the desktop menu. Lastly, I created a new collection called Portfolio.

The theme originally came with a horizontal card component. You had to copy and paste it each time you wanted to add an item. You also had to duplicate it on the front page and the project page. Creating a collection made sense. This way I no longer needed to update in two places.

I added a feature property. This way I could select items for the front page display. This made things more flexible so I could change those items at any time.

The use of a collection allowed me to create slugs for portfolio items. This was the biggest change to the theme. Instead of linking to an external website, these items now link to a page with a description of each project.

The other change that I made was enabling the assets experimental feature from Astro.