It was a long weekend and I didn’t spend it relaxing. Inspired by the Web Development Boot Camp, I went through all my websites and corrected the flaws in my code. I fixed my hacks and made real proper code. I took my shortcuts in my CSS and made sure to make my code DRY.

The biggest change that I made was properly using en queue for my styles and scripts in my functions.php file. I was kind of shocked. It sped up my website in the nicest possible way. Getting scores in the 90’s on mobile and desktop for most of them. I think this has to do with the cache and some of the plugins that I use for optimization. 

In this weird way, having such beautiful and fast themes makes me want to write more. It is an act of pride to write for these websites. I feel like a loving caretaker and that each blog represents important parts of who I am. They reflect my identity. 

I am slowly going through the web development tasks on Free Code Camp. I wanted to go at the pace of the boot camp, but I’m thinking of moving ahead to get to the projects ahead of time. I think that I can pass them pretty quickly with the skills that I already have. 

I want the certification as a pride thing. I’m thinking of trying to do some freelance web development work. It might be possible for me to get an entry-level position with the skills that I have. This is because I know JavaScript and can code. I proved this to myself while making the theme for