I first found out about Free Code Camp from Techtonica. One of the requirements was to complete their first 100 or so JavaScript exercises. Since then, I’ve been receiving their newsletter and was excited that a free bootcamp was being run to complete the Web Development Certificate.

I will admit up front, I probably don’t need this course as my skills are pretty advanced. My interest in it is because I want to make friends. Yep, friends.

I also want to be a mentor. I might be able to explain a few things to people who are struggling with the course. That is just one way that I can give back.

Thirdly, I don’t know how to use Flexbox and CSS Grid. So, I can still learn a few new skills! It might also help me learn better code maintenance. I don’t apply DRY principles always. Or comment as much as I should.

I don’t know, I think it is worthwhile to go over the basics from time to time. This is a great opportunity to work with others and learn from a professional. I’m excited.

The course starts on August 23rd and is free.

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